Celebrity Closet – Thrifting for a Cause

sustainability series

As more people venture into small scale entrepreneurship in Jamaica, more and more pop-up shopping events have been happening, including pop-up thrifting. When it comes to my shopping habits, I’ll support my friends locally and if an event comes up suddenly and I have nothing appropriate then I’ll buy an outfit anywhere I can find one in Jamaica, but generally I tend to do my shopping in the US.

Over the holiday season I knew about two thrift pop-ups and while part of me thought, “Oh this could be cool”, another part of me wondered if I really wanted to wear things that have already been worn. But, the more I thought about it, the more I realised that clothes I’d buy in stores have likely already been tried on, and as kids I’m sure everyone got clothes passed on from older siblings, cousins or friends, so I asked myself, what’s the real difference?

Before we get into the good stuff, I have to get nerdy on you for a second and give you some numbers. Thrifting has a good history, of not just helping people but also the environment, because less consumption means less resources being used and wasted. In the US thrifting is a billion dollar business, and the 2018 IBISWorld report on the industry indicated the total revenue for the year as $14 billion, with annual growth from 2013 to 2018 at 1.6%. FYI…You know what else happened in 2013? Macklemore’s Thrift Shop topped the Billboard Hot 100 Charts *cue impromptu dance party* I’m gonna pop some tags, only got twenty dollars in my pocket 🎼🎧.

pink leopard backpack

Backpack for $300 (yes…JMD) from Celebrity Closet

Celebrity Closet by New Wave is put on by a friend of mine, Lindsey Lodenquai, and the proceeds from the December 2018 staging will go towards art initiatives in Denham Town. Mukkle Thrift I only found out about because it popped up on my Instagram feed, and the proceeds from this went to ‘Christmas in Riverton City’ which provides help to kids at the Riverton Meadows Early Childhood Centre.

I got to have a quick chat with the head cook and bottle washer for each of these thrift pop-ups, but rather than have this post be too long, I’m going to feature one now and one next week!

Here’s what Lin had to say about her pop-up, Celebrity Closet:

Why did you decide to do a pop-up thrift shop?
Lindsey: New Wave is all about creating new and unique experiences for our audience, so myself and the team at the time (2017) thought it was a great idea to make the thrifting culture trendy in Jamaica.

How long have you been doing your pop-up?
Lindsey: This is the second staging of Celebrity Closet that we’ve done.

When is the next one being planned for?
Lindsey: Tentatively in the summer, but if not def in December.

What would you say to people who aren’t too convinced about the concept of thrifting?
Lindsey: It’s just another way to explore clothing, most of the things that we have, have maybe been worn once, or even never at all. But it’s a great way to shop and try different things due to the low cost factor. Why buy one expensive item when you can thrift and get several super cool pieces?


New Wave squad roll out


sustainability series

It’s funny how things happen…what started out as an idea to document my thrifting experiences over the holiday season has ended up becoming a five part series on sustainability in Jamaica.

As of January 1, 2019 the long overdue ban on plastics began and the conversation about Jamaica and the environment has become even more hotly debated and it’s also been found that the facts about climate change are even more frightening than we’d thought. Once upon a time I’d actually started an environmental blog and twitter account where I’d write and share informative articles on the environment as well as what we can do to be better human beings and stewards of the planet on which we live.

While I generally try to live sustainably, this year I’ve committed to becoming more conscious about this and doing more to reduce my negative impact on the environment. Things like creating less waste (reduce, reuse, recycle) and being vegan-ish are all are the goals.

First post in this series…Celebrity Closet – Thrifting for a Cause…coming right up!

One Little Word 2019 – Create

Way back in 2017, as the year was winding down and 2018 was fast approaching, I heard so many in the planner community talking about Ali Edwards’ One Little Word and the more I read about, it the more I got into the concept of it. She does whole workshops around it and while that’s not really my thing, having one word as my guiding principle for the year really appealed to me.

Last year I chose “Sparkle” as my word. This came about after a rough 2017 where I doubted myself at every turn. I didn’t believe I could do my MA successfully, I was super frustrated about my job, I’d had a pretty devastating break up, I had dance injuries trying to overcome…it was pretty much a shit show. And then as the year wrapped up I graduated with distinction, I got a new job and I was able to lead in two dance shows. With all this in mind, I wanted a word that would remind me that I can do the hard things and do them well and so “Sparkle” was chosen.


After some amount of stability (and a lot of sparkling) in 2018 I decided to choose Create as my One Little Word for 2019. I’ve always been very involved in the arts, so people tend to consider me a creative, but it’s a title I don’t really own for myself. Sure I make things, and I dance, and I’m pretty handy, but somehow, for me, those don’t add up to being creative. So this year I want to own it and let the word Create to guide me.

For me, Create isn’t just about being creative and artsy,  I want to create in all capacities – create art, create content, create experiences, create opportunities, create wealth – and let that become the foundation for this next phase of my life. I have some big medium-term goals up ahead and I need to make sure I put things in place in order to achieve them. This year is the start of that.

Cheers to 2019! What’s your word/resolution for 2019?

Measure the Moments – 2018

The other day, my Passion Planner’s quote for the week was “life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our break away”. Yes, it’s cliché, but it’s true. And the prompt that followed told me to think about my five most memorable moments for 2018. I think I’m at a stage in my life now where things are really happening, which for me makes it all the more important to document these moments.

Without further ado here we go!

January 9, 2018 – I started a new job in a totally new environment in an industry I knew next to nothing about. Somehow I’ve managed to find my way there, do good work, do good and make some friends along the way.

April 8, 2018 – Carnival Sunday is my favourite day of the year, it even beats my birthday and Christmas combined. For me even a bad carnival is better than no carnival, but 2018 was so soo good. I went in with no plans to play mas with anyone and I think that was the best decision I could have made. I had fun with the friends I found on the road and I didn’t have to worry about who was where and which truck we wanted to stick with.

carnival 2018

May 6, 2018 – I finally did my Advanced 2 ballet exam! After having to delay doing the exam because of a syllabus change, and then spraining my ankle days before the exam last year, getting this done really was a huge accomplishment for me.

August 31, 2018 – After 2017’s dance injuries I wasn’t really expecting to be selected from the audition for this piece. I went into it treating it like another dance class. The older I get, the more grateful I am to my body for keeping up with the rigours of dancing and the stress I put it through, so to have been chosen to be among some of the best dancers in Jamaica to open for Complexions Contemporary Ballet and Misty Copeland was an honour and a privilege and an absolute pleasure.

plie 2018

November 29, 2018 – I bought my first new car! I’ve had cars over the years, but they were from my parents and none of them brand new (because let’s be real, why would they give me a brand new car? Lol). I worked hard to get to this point, and also bought a car I loved and wanted. It wasn’t just about getting something new, but I wanted something that I would really love and enjoy.

Christmas Come and Gone

Here we go… Day three and the last day of blogmas for me.

Another Christmas has come and gone and as much as I love the holiday season part of me is a little relieved it’s all over. There’s so much excitement and pressure surrounding it that by the time the 25th rolls around I’m exhausted.

We had our annual family dinner and it was great to spend time with family and friends, the company was good and the food was great. But before I pass out in a food coma, I wanted to list three things I’m grateful for this Christmas. It not anything special and they’re actually quite cliché, but they’re also the things I found myself thinking about as I reminisced on the day.

Family – My family is big, immediate family isn’t really a concept we apply, family is family so for Christmas Dinner everyone is invited. I’ve never spent a Christmas day with less than 20 people around (sometimes as many as 80) and as overwhelming as it can be sometimes, I’m grateful that this has been my experience.

Food – Not everyone had/has the good fortune to have a feast at their disposal for Christmas. Considering I was up until 2am and in the kitchen all morning helping to get the food ready for today I know what went into making this food for our family and it truly is a labour of love.

My Bed – I genuinely love to sleep. And my bed in country is legit my favourite bed in the world so coming home home (the house in the country as opposed to just home which is the house in Kingston) at Christmas means getting to sleep in my childhood bed and having (hopefully) a peaceful night’s sleep, which is actual bliss especially after playing hostess all day.

And on that note… Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!